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Golden Fibonacci Zone Trading System

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Golden Fibonacci Zone Trading System


The problem with Fibonacci is that very few people know how to draw it.

So, this strategy is perfect for you, even only to use it for the proper drawing of Fibonacci lines.


Characteristics of the System:

  • Markets: Any
  • Trading Sessions: Any
  • Timeframe: Any


First, let me show you how the Fibonacci Golden Zone Trading System looks like:

Fibonacci Golden Zone Trading System

Fibonacci Golden Zone Trading System


When you buy the system, you will find a manual that is comprehensive and fully covered the system rules.


Trading Rules:

  1. Find the dominant trend (it doesn’t matter Bullish or Bearish – we need a direction);
  2. Wait for the market to test 61.8% Fib;
  3. Wait for the candle to close above/below the 61.8% Fib;
  4. Look at the Fibonacci Golden Zone Dashboard to Show the price trading above/below the Golden Zone in the majority of time frames;
  5. Sell once the price closes below 61.8% Fib / Buy when the price closes above 61.8% Fib;
  6. Place Stop Loss above the previous swing / below the last swing;
  7. Take profit with Ratio Rules 1:2 / 1:3. You may wait for the Fibonacci Dashboard – when the majority of time frames boards show the opposite signal, then close the trade.
How to trade it?

How to trade it?


There are multiple ways to trade this system. First, when you install the system, you will see something like this:


Fib Golden Trade System First Look

Fib Golden Trade System First Look


As you can see, we have an alert system that will notify us when the price is stepping into the folden zone and what time frame is made.


Alert Window

Alert Window


The alert system shows you:

  1. What instrument to look;
  2. What timeframe is alerted us;
  3. Current price;
  4. The trend direction;
  5. Buy or Sell advice.
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What to expect?

What to expect when you buy our products?

When you purchase our products, you will receive three files from us:

  • 1. A .zip file with the indicator/s and when it is available the template file;
  • 2. A manual how to use the Forex Trading Strategy;
  • 3. A manual of how to install it.

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